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            President's Address
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            To do excellent project, to create good reputation, to make more friends. Hero steel structure has been producing high quality products, supplying good service, doing famous brand as the goal. Dedication is our work attitude, Cooperation is our work way, innovation is our work spirit, development is common goal of Hero.
            There is an old Chinese saying ’The sea with its broad, satisfied from its vast rivers; Mountain with its thick, calendar vicissitudes impossible virility’. Our company is developing on the basis of vast sea, vigorous mountains, honest, innovative style, and the pursuit of excellence.
            Hero steel structure is the most professional manufacturer, and we are researching and developing ‘energy-saving, environmental, green, low-carbon’ products. As general manager of Shandong Hongtian, I will steer all staff to fulfill our mission, to seize new opportunities for development, we will do our best for a better future of company’s development.
            Shandong Hongyue Space Frame Steel Structure Co.,Ltd
            Address:No.80 Xuquan Beixiang,North of Dongfang Road,High-technical Area,Weifang,Shandong
            Phone :0536-8895892 8865892  
            Mobile Phone:0086-15954471661 (Mr.Andrew Sun)
            Fax:0536-8895892 8865892
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