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            Company new plant put into production
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            The company's new plant is located in Weifang Binhai Economic Development Area, north of Xinhai Street, west of Haifeng Road. Covers an area of 177,000 sq.m, convenient transportation and location.
            Binhai new plant is the company's new production and processing base of steel components, the existing production line of heavy steel, light steel production lines, and multi-dimensional numerical control drilling machine, hydraulic shearing machine, etc., equipped with advanced, high degree of water. 16,000 square meters’ production workshop, skilled production workers, and perfect quality and environment security system, doubling production capacity several times to enhance the company's ability to meet market demand.
            总部: 山东潍坊高新开发区东方路北首玉泉北巷80号
            基地: 山东潍坊滨海经济开发区香江西街002299号
            电话: 0536-8865892 8895892 7575662
            传真: 0536-8865892 8895892 7575662
            邮箱: wfhygs@163.com
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